Introducing the MurlStrap – Accordion Back Strap  
The MurlStrap, a new design of accordion back strap, helps move the weight of your accordion comfortably. Make it a custom fit. Wear it up high, mid or lower back. The thick, wide padding makes this the most comfortable back strap you'll ever wear! Easy to put on and take off. The MurlStrap has a dual purpose as well…wear it reversed in front of your waist to help support carrying your Accordion Travel Gig Bag.Made in the USA of 100% acrylic nylon
with adjustable velcro.  

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Read these SIZE GUIDELINES and how to get the most from your new MurlStrap.

The Murlstrap accordion back strap helps move the weight of your accordion comfortably.

Endorsed by accordion legend

"For my purposes it is the best back strap available." 
GUY KLUCEVSEK, virtuoso accordionist

"I love it!!  Best back strap I have ever had. 
A wonderful invention. Thanks so much for creating it and sharing it with the rest of us accordionists."

LENNY FELDMANN, aka The CordeenMan


The Murlstrap accordion back strap, modeled