Murl Allen Sanders, accordiionist, photo by Tim Rounds
Photo by Tim Rounds
Murl is a great performer and it was indeed fun to have him return to in fact dazzle us again with his fantastic show.
…Murl picked up a harp and played Sweet Home Chicago which really got the CAC audience into the mood for the blues. This had everyone up on their feet to provide Murl with a more than deserved standing ovation. It don’t get better than this (sic). An outstanding performance.
— April 2015 Tony Hermanek, Chicago Accordion Club

His songs of choice were varied, interesting and performed with great zeal, professionalism and beauty. He is an amazing accordionist!! Wow!!! He brought down the house. He was great!!! If you ever have the opportunity to go to one of his performances, don’t miss it!
— April 2015 Sue Hirogoyen, Vacaville, California, Golden State Accordion Club

This new CD, Stories of Lucile, features Murl along with Clipper Anderson (Bass), Mark Ivester (Drums), Warren Rand (Alto Saxophone), Terry Lauber (Pedal Steel), Meeka DiLorenzo (Cello), and Rachael Pearson (Violin), all of whom are top notch in everything they do on this CD.
The music makes the listener want to get up and dance...closely with someone they like! It has a good beat, wonderful melodies...many of them written by Murl Sanders, and gives everyone a time to shine, especially Warren Rand on Alto Sax and, of course, Murl. Both are really fine, made even better because of the assistance provided by all others on the recording.
— July 2013 Joan Sommers, Past President, Accordionists and Teachers Guild

The Enterprise, Edmonds
2008 by Dale Burrows
Fiercely individualist Northwesterner, composer-accordionist and featured guest artist, Murl Allen Sanders (1950) is the man. This guy’s Accordion Concerto No. 1, performed by him, fires rockets that will, one day, install the accordion next to other instruments now comfortably in orbit with symphony orchestra. UW educated; with pop, rock, zydeco, country, jazz, blues and heaven knows what else as much a part of him as breathing… (Murl) more than held his own in Cascade Symphony Orchestra’s company with his trusty accordion. Doing things you wouldn’t think could be done with more than 20 pounds of keyboard strapped on, he went tit for tat and improvised. What could have been a cat and dog fight ended with him out there, by himself, on his own, just him and his accordion, thrilling us all with an infinity of possibilities. The accordion has arrived.

Chicago Accordion Club Entertainment

May 19, 2003 by Lenny Leto
On May 19, 2003 the Chicago Accordion Club was pleased to showcase the talents of Murl Allen Sanders. I had the pleasure of meeting Murl about two years ago at the Las Vegas Accordion Convention. And, when I watched him perform I was overtaken by his talent and unique style of playing. Later when I met Murl I found that he had a wonderful personality and a friendly mannerism, naturally we hit it off right away.  [READ COMPLETE REVIEW]

Northwest Accordion Society News
by Marjorie Dick Rombauer
Murl’s appearance with Orchestra Seattle, June 6, 2003 was a double thrill, since he not only appeared as a soloist but was also playing the world premiere of the accordion concerto he composed and orchestrated. The work was commissioned by George Shangrow and Orchestra Seattle, which Mr. Shangrow directs.…The orchestration was very impressive, displaying the rarely heard capabilities of the accordion as a classical solo instrument. [READ COMPLETE  REVIEW]

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