MurlStrap Size Guidelines  
  MurlStrap Junior is for children or very petite adults or teens. It is half the width of the regular MurlStrap.
Small is for very petite adults or children and adolescents.
Medium is for adults or adolescents of medium weight and build. For example, it is the size I wear and I weigh approx. 140lbs with a 32” waist. It would work for individuals larger than myself as well. Most average size adults will do well with medium.
Large is for adults with waist sizes 35” inches and up, or larger people in general.
Extra Large is for very big individuals or those gifted with large bellies.

How to get the most from your new MurlStrap

Attach the strap to one shoulder strap with the MurlStrap logo on the outside. I’m right-handed so I keep the left side of my MurlStrap attached to my left accordion strap and adjust from the right side. It may take you a day or two to find just the right position for yourself, but it is easy to adjust.

Bear in mind that all sizes are fully adjustable and can be expanded or contracted by many inches on each side. There is Velcro on both right and left sides that allows quite a bit of leeway. You may also need to adjust the fit of your shoulder straps, either tighter or looser, to attain the maximum benefit from the MurlStrap. I encourage you to experiment.

Also, the strap can be worn low on the back, mid-back or high on the back as you wish. I wear mine low on the back, which takes the weight of the accordion off my shoulders and transfers it to my hips, much like a well-designed hiker’s backpack. I also adjust mine fairly tightly around my waist to keep my accordion stable.

Thanks for purchasing a MurlStrap!
Sincerely, Murl Allen Sanders

The Murlstrap accordion back strap, modeled